Q: How do I get reimbursed for an expense?

A: Click here.

Q: How do I turn in money for a deposit?

A: Download as many deposit register forms as needed, select your category, print it, fill it out, find another PTSA member to verify the amount and co-sign, then
leave it in the Treasurer box at the school office.

Q:Why are so many signatures needed?

A: As a nonprofit corporation, we need checks-and-balances with our finances.  The President's signature on the reimbursement form is the stamp of approval for the Treasurer to disburse funds.  The co-signature by another PTSA member on the deposit register verifies that at least two people have counted the money before delivering it to the Treasurer.

Q: What forms do I need if I am bringing an independent contractor in (for, say, an afterschool enrichment activity or an assembly)?

A: To protect the PTSA and the Contractor, please have them complete this invoice.  If they will be paid more than $600.00 by the PTA this calendar year, please also have them fill out and submit an IRS form W-9 for tax-reporting purposes.

Q: Can I request a scholarship for my student for a school activity?

A: Yes, if payment is a hardship for your family please download and fill out this scholarship request form.  Return it, along with the flyer sent by the teacher that describes the activity, in a sealed envelope to the school office, Attn: Sandy Klein.

Q: Can I see our budget?

A: Yes, the current approved budget is available under the Financial Forms & Documents menu.

Q: I made a donation - can I download and print a receipt?

A: Yes, a sheet of blank donation receipts can be downloaded here.  Download, print, fill out, and save for tax time!