WHEN: Thursday, February 4, 2021 @ 6pm

WHERE: Virtual on Microsoft Teams

REGISTRATION FEE*: Free for PTSA members; $17 for non-members


Once registered, a student will receive an email with a PDF of the Scripps
National Spelling Bee 2020-2021 Word List to help prepare them for the
competition. Additionally, students will receive the 2020-2021 Great Words,
Great Works book list from which all competition words were taken. This is
great way for students to see the words in context.


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Non-PTSA Member

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*but will sign up
for membership

This is a national program & the winner at our school will represent Mead in
the Regional Spelling Bee of King & Snohomish County
on March 27, 2021 @ 1pm.

Have Questions? Want to volunteer?
Contact Vandana Thakur at [email protected]
*Since this is a PTSA-sponsored event, we are offsetting the cost of registration for all PTSA members at Mead.
If you are not a PTSA member, you will be charged a $17 registration fee. Help support more academic
competitions at Mead by becoming a PTSA member today!
(Memberships scholarships available - contact [email protected])