School Zone Safety – 20 MPH
Please remember as you are driving your students to and from school, that the speed limit in the school zone is 20 mph. There are signs posted indicating where the zone is, but a common sense approach would be that the stretch of 216th from the Sahalee gates to the 4 way stop is the zone. Too many parents are driving too fast on their approach into and leaving school.
Please also obey the rules of the road for stop signs and crosswalks.
4-Way Stop: EVERY CAR approaching must not only SLOW DOWN, but come to a COMPLETE STOP before proceeding when it is safe and ALL pedestrians including the crossing guard have exited the crosswalks.
Crosswalks – in addition to reducing your speed to 20 mph, please looks for signs, flashing lights, flags, and school personnel in bright vests present in the crosswalk when students are crossing. In the event of a backup turning into the school driveway, please keep clear of the crosswalks so that students can continue to cross. Do not pass through the crosswalk until ALL pedestrians, including the crossing guard, have exited the crosswalk.
Thank you for keeping our students safe, and thank you to those of you that are already following the rules of the road!