Parents, students and families - please join us for our first Disability Awareness Month parent education event to hear motivational speaker Kacey McCallister speak on:

Tuesday, October 2 at 7pm
RHS Performing Arts Theater
17262 NE 104th Street, Redmond

After losing his legs at 6 years old, Kacey has spent his life overcoming obstacles. He continually pushes himself to RISE UP turning challenges and weaknesses into strengths. He is always pushing for a challenge, and believes that impossible is simply a word that means he hasn’t done something yet - everything is possible, nothing is impossible.

“Throughout my life there are have few if any challenges that I have not been able to succeed in accomplishing. Trials make us stronger. They raise us up to a higher plain. If we are never pushed and challenged we can never obtain our full potential. For me it was losing my legs. For you it may be school, work, parenting, or just dealing with the complexities of day to day life. Regardless of what your challenge is, you too can find a way to RISE UP!”

To learn more about Kacey please visit his website at:

We hope to see you there!

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