Pick up Playground Change for End of School Day Starts Today

As part of our new safety and security procedures, we have a new dismissal plan for parents who come on site to pick up students at the end of the day. 
We’ll be keeping the playground gates closed and asking parents to stay outside of the gates until the final bell of the day rings and students are dismissed. 
If you have been meeting your child at the classroom door at the end of the day, please consider making a new plan to meet in front of the school – the flagpole or the bench are great meeting spots. Thanks for your cooperation in this end of day change!
Reminder- Update your Child's Emergency Information Today!
Please help us keep your child safe by updating your child’s emergency information by Monday!
For your student’s safety, please verify your contact/emergency information online! You can verify your contact and emergency information online any time before September 17, 2018. Log in to Skyward Family Access, and verify your contact/emergency information.

You can review an FAQ document about the Online Student Information Verification Process here. All changes to contact and emergency information need to be made by September 17, 2018.
Contact parentquestions@lwsd.org with any questions about the Online Student Information Verification Process.