YMCA Enrichment Classes Schedule Available for Session 2!

The YMCA Enrichment schedule is out and registration is open. Session 2 starts Oct 28th. Check out the list of classes here.

After school enrichment programs available for Mead location.

Morning program offered for Blackwell Elementary location with transportation provided to Mead.

How to register:

Download the registration form and then take the form to the Sammamish YMCA to enroll in the classes. 

For more information, go to http://ykids.seattleymca.org/sammamish-community-ymca/afterschool-and-enrichment-programs and find Mead on the right-hand side menu.

For questions about the program email eastsidechildcare@seattleymca.org or call 425-644-8417.


2019-20 Kids U Session Schedule 

By class participants will have to re-register and pay each session 

Enrichment Plan Participants will not have to re-register each  session but will get the opportunity to select new   classes each session ? Register online ykids.org/sam
Session 1:  9/4/19-10/25/19
Session 2: 10/28/19-12/20/19
Session 3: 1/6/20-2/28/20
Session 4: 3/2/20-4/24/20
Session 5: 4/27/20-6/19/20