Thanks for your patience and flexibility regarding our big transportation change! It’s officially starting on Monday, May 20. For a refresher of what you might need to know - the information previously sent out, some FAQs and a map - please go to the following link - . Scroll down to News and Announcements.  Here’s a quick synopsis:

  • Parent Car Drop Off and Pick Up – all via East Sammamish Park. Please pull up to the area where our patrol will be before dropping off or picking up your student.
  • Day Care Vans – all via East Sammamish Park. All day care van drivers have been notified of the changes.
  • LWSD School Bus Riders – the old bus shoot will close and our busses will use the new Mead bus loop. Students have been shown where the new loop is and how to get from the bus loop to their classroom.
  • Walkers/Bikers – no change at all.
  • After School Parents Who Pick Up in Person (formerly under the maple tree) – the new parent waiting area is just outside the new bus loop gate in ESP park, right next to the bleachers and tennis court. Please wait outside the gate to reduce the foot traffic in the new bus loop.

New Bus Loop!
The new bus loop is ready! Beginning on May 20, our busses will be using the new bus loop for daily student drop off and pick up. The new bus loop is designed for our three full size busses and our one smaller bus. Students will access the bus loop via the playground. The new bus loop will be for LWSD busses only – cars and vans may not access the new bus loop.

Parent Drop Off and Pick Up Changes!
Beginning on May 15, all parent car drop off and pick up, both before and after school, will take place at East Sammamish Park (ESP), just west of Mead. This is because our current Mead main entry driveway will be closed for installation of a large vault taking the entry driveway and about 12 parking stalls. In preparation, the construction team has installed a new gate as well as a new sidewalk in the new bus loop. Students will safely walk from the park to the school on a paved, easy to follow path. Our safety patrol will be stationed at the park during morning drop off and afternoon pick up.
The current “bump out” on 216th that is sometimes used for drop off will be only parking for the remainder of the year.
Mead Parking Lot

The main parking lot will become very tight with not even enough parking spaces for staff. There will be two 10-minute spots still available for mid-day drop off or pick up. Accessible parking for people with disabilities will also continue to be available in the main parking area.
Parent Parking

For before and after school parking, parents are welcome to park at East Sammamish Park and walk to Mead. The construction gate will be open for walking traffic during the following windows:

  • Before school 8:30 – 9:00am
  • After school on M, T, Th, F 3:15 – 3:45
  • After school on Wed (early release days) 1:45 – 2:15

Parent Parking Options During the School Day

  1. Park at ESP and walk on the sidewalks down NE 16th, turning right on 216th Ave NE to Mead.
  2. Park in a nearby neighborhood. Please be respectful of our neighbors’ personal property and driveways when parking.

If your visit to Mead will be 10 minutes or less, you are welcome to park in one of the two short term parking spots in the main lot.

Download map here: Mead Transportation Change Map