The bee lasted for 27 rounds, with Stephen Willy taking 1st place, Ezra Lee taking 2nd and Vivian Xie placing 3rd. Stephen is homeschooled and in 3rd grade. Ezra is in Ms. Swensen's 3rd grade classroom at Mead and Vivian is in Mr. Olsen's 4th grade class. Stephen will go on to represent Mead at the Regional Spelling Bee in Bellevue on March 2.

School grade spelling winners are as follows:

  • 1st grade: Jordan Nelson
  • 2nd grade: Tanisha Tamilarasan
  • 3rd grade: Ezra Lee
  • 4th grade: Vivian Xie
  • 5th grade: Devi Anand

Way to go Mead Mustangs!

Spelling Bee Winners